It can be hard to balance your health with other needs

Your is important to you, but it’s not your only priority. Even when you know how to protect or improve your health, it’s not always easy to fit the changes into the rest of your life. Let’s look at an example.

Imagine that a mail carrier gets an alert about poor air quality, and instructions to stay indoors. He needs to protect himself because he has asthma. But he also needs to work to support his family. If he had paid sick days, he would use them. He doesn’t, so he decides to go to work.

Exposing himself to poor air quality while working may worsen his asthma. It also leaves him feeling worried and frustrated because the advice to stay indoors doesn’t work for him. This could make him less inclined to pay attention to air quality alerts in the future.

It’s not only about health

Our mail carrier feels like he has to choose between two conflicting needs: his health and supporting his family. 

Like him, we all have a variety of needs, such as:

  • Meeting basic needs, including food, shelter, money, safety, and legal obligations
  • Connecting with people, including family, friends, co-workers, and others in the community
  • Lowering stress by relaxing, blowing off steam, and having fun
  • Managing mental health and emotional well-being by getting support from other people
  • Expressing beliefs and values, including religious, cultural, personal, and political beliefs and values
  • Maintaining physical health and wellness, including fitness and managing health conditions
  • Helping other people by volunteering and taking care of others
  • Growing personally and professionally by learning new things and pursuing new opportunities

There’s a better way

What if our mail carrier had expert guidance on how to support his family and also protect his health? He might find a way to do both, like wearing a mask rated for poor air quality while he’s working.

Across a wide range of health issues, Public Health Connected wants to help you protect your health while still meeting your other needs.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." - Maya Angelou